Tuesday, September 2, 2014

News for September

Dear Fellow Optimists:

Thank you for your continued support to our Youth.  We would not be successful if it was not for you.  I hope you do not mind but I would like to end and start our year with our meeting on October 1st at 6:30 at the Jerome Senior Center.  I may change the location but will keep you posted.  There is no meeting tomorrow night (Sept. 3rd).

August Updates:

August 15th - Thanks to Marsha and Bill for their help at the Joe Mama's Beer Garden.  We received a last minute call to help out.  I believe Lori Steadham suggested to Bryan Craig that we would be interested and Marsha and Bill stepped up to the plate.  Marsha brought her friend Bobby to help out as well.  We have not received the word yet on the funds earned but Marsha said she and Bill sold out.  Another special thanks to the members of the Jerome High School Football team for helping with delivery of the tables and chairs.

August 18th - Thanks to Bryan Craig for meeting with Marsha and I about the Jerome Rotary Club possibly donating their dunk tank to our Club.  Bryan has ran that service project for the last 8+ years and was hoping to hand it off to someone else but no one in his Club was interested so he has proposed to them to donate it to us.  He said their Club makes about $3,000 each summer off the project.  If this happens there were some conditions about letting Rotary use it when needed (but they have not used it in 5 years) and donating it to a Church function if possible.  After reviewing the Optimist Insurance policy we would definitely need a waiver signed by the renting party since it was clear to me that this type of "carnival item" is not covered.  It is a good thing we know a few attorneys who can review this further and assist in preparing a Waiver.  I want to thank Marsha for her enthusiasm and support.  We are waiting to hear and will keep you posted. 

August 23rd:  Golf Tournament - Thanks to Julie's efforts we earned $250 at the Golf Tournament.  Closet to the Pin and Longest Yard were Ladies who golfed with us for the first time and I cannot remember their names (I am having a Julie moment).  Angie had the next closet closet to the pin.  I really had a blast with my teammates (Angie and Patti) and thank them for allowing me to keep trying to get the ball over the water.   It was Julie's last year sponsoring the golf tournament so if anyone is interested let me know, otherwise that was our last golf tournament.  Thank you Julie to all the thousands of dollars you have raised over the last 20 or so years.

September News:

September 6th - Jerome Optimist Club will support the Jerome Boosters by providing a basket (or two) at their annual Golf Tournament.  There are quite a few items we have received from Wal-Mart that we can put something together.  If you have items you would like to donate we have the storage facility just get a hold of Julie or I.

September 13th - Twin Falls Optimist Club will host "Wings and Things" - I believe Dustin Godfrey is the chairperson again this year but if you need more information please let me know and I will make sure to get it for you.

Have fun, be safe!  Thanks again to you'll

President 2013-2015

Friday, August 1, 2014

News for August

Fellow Optimists:  No meeting in August because of the "Go Hog Wild" - Jerome County Fair.  However we have two events this month that we need your attention:

August 15th - Joe Mamma Car Show - Beer Garden.  Rotary has asked us to host the Beer Garden for an opportunity to make $250 to $300.  Marsha and Bill have agreed to chair the project.  Marsha has one guest she will be bringing.  I spoke with Bryan Craig this morning and he is going to email me the details.  

August 23rd 9:00 a.m. @ 93 - Golf Tournament.  This is our big money maker.  So PLEASE show your support and either sign up a team or sponsor a hole.  If you would just like to donate an item for a prize give away or the treat bags please call Julie 308-2750 or Sheri 308-3264. 

Toys - Wal-Mart - I met with Deb Hayes on Tuesday (7/29) who donated more toys and miscellaneous items to the Club.  There are two games in Spanish which I would like to give to Lori Tangen for the St. Jerome's Catholic Church. I believe Lori still works with the 2nd and 3rd grade students.  Unless I get any objections I will proceed.  There are some Duck Dynasty items, squirt guns, puzzles, etc.  If you have a need we can fill let us know.  We also have a lot of small Halloween items if you know of anyone that can use them.

Finance Report - Youth has a balance of $52 (we are waiting for a reimbursement check for $300 from the Fishing Derby which should be here soon) so our balance will be $352.  Admin has a balance of $1100 (dues are paid for the year).  Savings I think is about $113.

We will hold a meeting September 3rd 6:30 p.m. at the Jerome Senior Center which has a new director Julie Stone.  We are looking for new Members so feel free to invite them to Golf or attend our September 3rd meeting.  

Thanks for your continued support!

2014 Prez

Monday, March 31, 2014

Meeting notice April 2

Good Afternoon!

Reminder that the JOC meeting will be this Wednesday, April 2nd at 6:30pm at the Jerome Senior Center.

Items to discuss at the meeting:

Easter Egg Hunt: scheduled for April 19th be at Forsyth Park at 8:30am. Baskets will be put together at this meeting on Wednesday.
Special Needs Fishing Derby: Monday, May 12th
Officer elections for 2014-2015

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!

Joyfully Serving,
Marsha Martin
2013/2014 Sec/Tres